The year is 2040. How will we get around?

Where will the power come from?

Its up to YOU to plan and shape the future!IMG_8400

1471820_465735303535635_140919254_n In the Traction Labs exhibit, you can explore the issues of energy and transportation in the 21st century. 

Hands on activities include:

  • What Can you Power? 996066_465735150202317_636248828_n
  • How Do Electric Trains Work?
  • Trains vs. Cars.

A highlight of the exhibit is the full-detailed interactive HO-scale train layout. Use renewable energy to power two different electric railways! Other layout details include the town ballpark (where the A’s are playing the Giants), a high-speed electric train, a compact city-center, rolling green hills, dogs frolicking, and much more! See if you can find Snoopy driving a tow truck, the Mayor negotiating with a tough customer, a traffic jam, the solar array, Reuben’s sandwich shop, and the electrical substation.